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Established in 2010, LUXE LINK is a professional second-hand luxury goods service company founded in Australia.The headquarters is located in Sydney, and we have physical branches in Brisbane, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi'an. We maintain a long-term inventory of nearly 10,000 second-hand luxury items, covering a range of luxury brand watches, bags, jewelry, gemstones, and footwear. At LUXE LINK, you can even find limited editions, classic models, and celebrity runway styles that are hard to purchase at regular counters. Over the years, LUXE LINK has gained a good reputation in the industry, a leading position, and solid professional appraisal capabilities. 



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LUXE LINK has a team of experienced authentication experts, professional technical inspection equipment, and an appraisal system that aligns with international standards, ensuring that every item customers purchase is priced reasonably and is 100% genuine. Since its establishment, the LUXE LINK team has appraised and valued approximately 100,000 second-hand luxury items.

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LUXE LINK offers customers professional recycling and consignment services, covering a wide range of well-known luxury brands, including bags, watches, jewelry, gemstones, shoes, and other luxury accessories. A professional appraisal team provides corresponding quotes for different items. At the same time, they can consign your idle luxury goods, charging different consignment fees based on the value of the items. The consignment period is 90 days; if the item is not sold after this period, it will be returned to you. For specific consignment fee rates, please consult customer service.

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Customers can exchange their idle luxury goods for items of the same value or pay the difference to obtain higher-priced items. LUXE LINK also offers luxury goods pawn services. Quotations are given based on the specific condition of the item, typically calculated based on brand, style, color, condition, and accessories, among other factors. We will store the item for you within the specified time, while charging a certain percentage as a service fee, until the end of the pawn period.

For more details, please contact customer service.

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LUXE LINK has many years of technical research and accumulation in the luxury care and repair industry, providing customers with professional, one-stop luxury washing, spa, maintenance, repair and other services.



1. Related to Speciality and Uniqueness
Second-hand luxury goods are quite unique, so cash on delivery is not supported. Our company uses a synchronized online and offline sales method. Some second-hand luxury goods inventory might only have one piece available. Please contact customer service to confirm the availability of the selected product before making a payment.

2. Related to Color and Measurement Discrepancies
All products are photographed in their actual state. Due to lighting or individual monitor differences, the color in photos might slightly deviate from the actual product. Those who mind this should be cautious when purchasing. You can contact customer service for more detailed photos or visit our physical store in person. All products are measured manually, and due to different measurement methods, there might be slight discrepancies (1-3mm for watches and jewelry, 1-3cm for bags). Such differences are considered normal, and size information is for reference only. The actual product is the standard, and size parameters are not a basis for returns or exchanges.

3. Related to Authenticity
All products from LUXE LINK have passed the identification process by our internal professional appraisal team, guaranteeing 100% authenticity. We support verification by authoritative third-party appraisal institutions. If a product is found to be counterfeit, we offer a "one fake, three times compensation" policy. Customers can shop with confidence!

4. Related to Pricing
Some product prices are relatively low and do not have room for negotiation. LUXE LINK's professional internal appraisal team determines prices based on various factors such as brand, style, color, condition, and accessories, ensuring fairness and reasonability, and giving customers peace of mind and satisfaction.

5. Related to Accessories
Some second-hand luxury goods might not come with original accessories like boxes or warranty cards. All accessories will be displayed in the product description with additional notes. Customers should carefully read the accessory-related description before placing an order. Not reading the description cannot be used as a reason for returns. Once an order is placed and paid for, it is considered that the customer understands and accepts the above explanation.

6. Related to Payment
Customers are advised to use supported bank cards (such as Mastercard, Visa, etc.) for payment. If there are any issues during the payment process, please get in touch with customer service for assistance promptly.

7. Related to Logistics
The company promises to ship within 48 hours after receiving an order (delays might occur due to unforeseen circumstances like pandemics or holidays). We exclusively use TNT Express and insure the shipments, ensuring products reach customers safely and quickly. Customers should carefully inspect the goods upon receipt. Always verify the product and receipt in front of the courier before signing. Do not sign for the delivery if any damage or quality issues are found. Instead, take photos as evidence and contact our customer service immediately.

8. Related to After-sales
Sold watches can enjoy a 30-day free movement warranty service (excluding damages caused by human factors, appearance, and accessories) and up to a 90% buyback service within a year. Please get in touch with customer service if you have any questions before placing an order.



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For many years, LUXE LINK has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry, a leading position, and solid professional appraisal capabilities.

As a company specializing in second-hand luxury goods, LUXE LINK is highly regarded within the industry. LUXE LINK has an internal team of senior luxury products appraisal & authentication experts to provide genuine product guarantees and Chinese VIP services.

You can contact us by scanning the WeChat QR code, visiting our stores, or reaching out via email.