Hermès Mini Evelyne: A casual style to dress up or down

Since the ‘70s iconic original version, each iteration of the Evelyne has been a design nod to equestrian apparel. That is why this minimalist style always features an unlined back-of-the-leather interior, a canvas strap and the absence of internal pockets. So, it isn’t surprising that its smallest 16x18cm version – Hermès Mini Evelyne – has won more fashionista’s hearts than bigger sizes of the timeless crossbody that can serve as a carryall.


Will it win yours? Let’s find out.

The practicality of Hermès Mini Evelyne

Proving to be the most functional Evelyne bag, the mini iteration of the timeless perforated logo style strikes the right balance between keeping your hands free and finding things without digging around. Also known as Evelyne TPM, it is deemed the most versatile and practical by the Instagram-minded generation – and rightfully so. Hermès Mini Evelyne is a pared-back unisex design that will complement your everyday look and elevate your outfit when you have a special occasion.


Hermès Mini Evelyne is a compact and sturdy option crafted with Clemence leather that holds up well to everyday wear. It’s second to none if you need a functional grab-and-go accessory to keep your basic quick-access items such as:


  • Keys  
  • Smartphone
  • Wallet or cardholder
  • Passport or boarding pass
  • Glasses, medicine and sanitisers
  • Small beauty essentials

Hermès Mini Evelyne

Sleek details and authentic Hermès Evelyne logo

If you are more of a shoulder bag person seeking to combine timeless designs with modern micro bag trends, Hermès Mini Evelyne is an eye-catching luxury piece you can get. It features:

  • Signature leather strap with a pull-through tab and snap closure
  • 63-perforation oval ‘H’ logo (40 holes for the oval + 9 for each side of the ‘H’ + 5 in the middle)
  • Removable crossbody canvas strap with matching leather accents and palladium hardware

If you find that the interior of the smallest Evelyne lacks pockets and compartmentalisation, you can buy internal pouches or inserts. Such additional accessories may also help protect your Hermès Mini Evelyne from scuffs, dents and bumps caused by overstuffing. While any Eveline bag features a sturdy construction to hold its shape well, and grained Clemence leather is scratch-resistant on the outside, the soft suede interior is more prone to wear.

Buy a pre-owned Hermès Mini Evelyne

There are more ways to flaunt that ‘H’ design than over the shoulder. Should you want a dressier look, you can swap out the canvas strap for a chain of your choice, and by opting for a strap of a shorter length, you can wear Hermès Mini Evelyne on your elbow or as a handheld. The ease of styling and matching this upscale piece to your casual and luxury wardrobe makes it a sought-after item, though the Evelyne Mini is discontinued.


However, you can still snag it at an affordable price. When your dream designer bag is unavailable at boutiques, or you have a limited budget, choose an authenticated pre-loved Evelyne at LUXE LINK.