Chanel Gabrielle – The bag that won’t lose its status

In the realm of high-end bags, Chanel’s luxury items adorned with the signature diamond-quilted pattern are among the most wanted worldwide. The Chanel Gabrielle line takes this streamlined classic design further, making it super-functional to suit modern on-the-go lifestyles.


Available in small and large sizes, Gabrielle bags are a welcome twist on the time-honoured Chanel design. They are popular with the bag-loving community for their incredible versatility and ease of switching between ways of wearing them over one or both shoulders. Some bag aficionados claim you can wear a Chanel Gabrielle six or seven different ways.


Choose between a Hobo Bag, Backpack Bag or Purse Bag style if you are after an upscale piece that would work best with your wardrobe while keeping your essentials organised and accessible – and making a statement.


Appearance and function of the Chanel Gabrielle

Featuring the iconic metal chain strap and quilted leather design, all Gabrielle versions are elegant and compact. But they are roomy enough to carry things such as your iPad, wallet or other everyday accessories and beauty must-haves.


Another distinctive feature of this line is its structured shape with a stable hard leather base – so a Chanel Gabrielle sits up straight on its own without falling over. If you have always dreamed of a designer bag that can take you from night to day effortlessly, you will love the fit and feel of a Gabrielle in any setting.


This gorgeous bag is easy to style because it works for any outfit and season. It’s unlike any other you’ve owned, especially if you are passionate about letting others know you take fashion and exclusivity seriously.

The style that will always be considered the epitome of chic

When launched, the Chanel Gabrielle line was a trendy bestseller. But currently, it is one of those discontinued treasures that’s going to be missed by many. This makes any Gabrielle bag even more exclusive – and expensive.


The now-iconic Chanel Gabrielle is a smart investment rather than just a statement piece. It will undoubtedly increase in value over the years, so there’s no better time to buy a new or pre-loved one.


With their almost vintage appeal, Chanel Gabrielle bags are true gems for bag aficionados, collectors or anyone looking to enjoy a luxury item that retains its value should they want to resell. Which camp are you in?